Private tour price is calculated based on the:


  • Tour guide fee/hour. 
  • Cost of the transportation and all other services requested.
  • Number of the attendants.


What does personalized price mean?


  • Highest efficiency in value for price.
  • You pay exclusively for the service that you requested - no restaurant, shop, hotel commission fees in the price.
  • Every price package is calculated for each guest based on the agreed services.


Forms of payment:


  • Cash on arrival in HUF or EUR.
  • PayPal transfer latest two days before the tour, additional 5% transfer fee exists.
  • Standard bank wire latest a week before the tour, transfer fee regulated by the bank.


Cancellation and changes:


  • Cancel your tour as soon as you get know about it to minimize the financial damages of the local community.
  • No deposit and cancellation fee exists at us, we work with low amount of customers and fair prices, sub-total amount does not cover any financial loss. Please, be fair with us.
  • Changes can be done any time based on the availability and the re-calculated service costs.


Why will you receive quality service?


  • A small business is always fragile: no quality service - no job - no profit.
  • Check out our Tripadvisor reviews.
  • Because we love our job!

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